Frederick Royse

Every now and then I come across older ancestors and am surprised by the amount of research that has been done on them. Frederick Royse is definitely one of those people. He was born around 1750, most likely close to Bardstown, Kentucky and fought with the Frontier Rangers from 1778-1783 in the Revolutionary War. Shortly before enlisting, he married Sarah Dewitt of Hampshire, Virginia. They ultimately had 10 children and in 1815, at the age of 65, founded what is now the small town of Fredericksburg, Indiana.


In 1971, Chelsea Dinn published an entire book about his life story, “Frederick Royse, 1750-1825: Revolutionary War Militiaman“. The amount of time and energy spent researching this one person is really amazing. His relation to me is as follows:

Frederick Royse (1750 – 1825)
5th great-grandfather
Rebeckah Royse (1796 – 1831)
daughter of Frederick Royse
Harvey McFall (1815 – 1875)
son of Rebeckah Royse
Levi Augustus McFall (1863 – 1930)
son of Harvey McFall
Edna Dell Mcfall (1898 – 1989)
daughter of Levi Augustus McFall
Richard Faxon (1920 – 1999)
son of Edna Dell Mcfall
Patricia Faxon (1949 – )
daughter of Richard Louis Faxon
Benjamin Steinhaus