Foster Family Photos

I did a little searching on ancestry on the Foster side of the family tree and came across these two:

The fellow on the left is my third great grandfather, Thomas Foster (1822-1882) and the man on the right is his father, Joshua Clay Foster (1794-1883). Both of them were farmers in the small town of Maquon, Illinois, just west of Peoria. It’s always a nice surprise to randomly find pictures of your ancestors on-line. I wasn’t able to find pictures for Thomas’s daughter, Olive, my 2nd great grandmother. Likely because she died at a relatively young age of 44. I did however find her marriage record from 1891 in the Maquon Methodist Church records, which I still thought was kind of neat:

Olive and Eddie Marriage Record

Maybe at some point something more will turn up, but that’s all that was available for right now.